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My Covid 19 Responce

So one thing that has happen since the onset of Covid19 is I lost all my work and events.

I big part of Drawlikecrazy Caricatures is Live drawing at parties tradeshows, comic shows and festivals. Unfortuantely with the current state of the country everything has been canceled throug july.

So I decided to launch a Facebook Caricature Live stream.

You can send me a picture and I will stream 2 hours a day and draw your picture. Its all for fun and it keeps me busy.

I do accept tips and the final art is made available later in the week.

Participants recieve the finished low res sample for free. This drawing has my water mark on it.

If you would like the hi-res without the watermark you can download it from my online store.

The caricatures are all drawn on the computer and delivered by email through the webstore if you decide that you want to purchase your drawing at a hi resolution.

Those that decide to purchase the final drawing are greatly appreciated. This helps me to keep up all my expences since I ZERO income at the moment.

So thank you so much to all those that participate.

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