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Cali Caricatures Summer Experience

This summer I went to Santa Cruz to draw caricatures with Cali Caricatures. Its been a wild ride. For 4 weeks I worked on the boardwalk drawing caricatures before contracting Covid 19 from a customer.

I got to be the only lucky employee to get it. And I think I know exactly what customer it was.

A woman wanted me to draw her 2 kids and one of the sons that looked to be abour 4 years old started crying and fightong his mom anout removing his mask to get his picture draw.

The other brother was fine about it but this kid was unusually upset about the idea of taking his mask off. As if something had happened that made him fearful of removing his mask for drawing. I didnt think about it to much cause I know how uncooperative kids can be sometimes.

I finifshed the transaction and went on to the next customer. But that particular situation i found troubling. Next thing I know I have corona virus.

I am very blessed. I came very prepared with lots of supplements and it was a rough ride but apparently cause of my vaccine and my diligence on my vitamins and other medicines I came out of the situation without having any breathing problems with my lungs. Just very bad deep in my lungs cough and lot of pain and fevers and so forth.

I feel blessed cause i have family members that almost died and the last thung i wanted was to be hospitalized in another state very far from home.

The original work trip was 5 weeks and i got sick in the 5th week. I was allowed to have some extra time on my apartment to quarantine. And as soon as my quarantine ended and all my symptoms were gone i was on the next train home.

Thanks to Cali Caricatures for the opportunity to have a little Cali adventure and draw on the beach and see a few sites. Sometimes I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.


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